Itchino Sound
DJ Chino and Itchy went to the same school and been knowin' each other for half o' their lives (u guess!?!). In the last couple of years they have been very successful with their band „Culcha Candela“. Obviously they just had to start a Soundsystem! The name of the greatest DJ tag team on planet earth is self explaining: it's a symbiosis of their names, Itchy and DJ Chino. "Itchino Sound" was born!

Their mission is to put an end to general boredom in clubs all around the world by spinning "Culcha Sound". Sexy is their ally, good vibes their religion. They let you bounce with that hip hop – club sound, take you on a trip full of irieness and let you ride that dancehall wave inna di yard stylee!

The whole set works instantly without any foreplay. DJ Chino and Itchy bring some solid hosting, monsta beats, all inclusive dance instructions and a little waist wind for free. Itchy and DJ Chino are a natural eye-catcher for all you candies; their „Itchino Sound“ is a mass magnet. They won't stop playin', playaz, until the massive has reached the level of collective extasy!

The bass is pumpin', sweat is drippin', men and women are gettin' closer. "Itchino Sound" makes you get your freak on!!!

Since the digital era we have seen many wannabe celeb fakers who claim to be Djs, but Itchy and Chino took their first steps in the DJ game with real wax in their gifted hands. "Itchino Sound" wants to share sexyness with you, they wanna dance and drink with you. They wanna party and be friends with you (only on myspace!). They simply want to have a good time with y'all. "Itchino Sound" makes you move everything that your mama gave ya! About any other side effects, go ask your parents or the doctor. One love.

© 2013 Itchino Sound